Ajey Nagar An Indian YouTuber Second Channel "CarryisLive" has been hacked by Bitcoin Streamer.

CarryMinati Gaming Channel CarryisLive Hacked

CarryMinati India's biggest YouTuber whose name is Ajey Nagar, there is bad news from his side that his second channel named "CarryisLive" has been hacked by Bitcoin Streamer.alert-info

CarryisLive Channel Hacked

CarryisLive is a popular gaming channel run by, Ajey Nagar. Generally, this is a popular live streaming channel having subscribers "6.66 M".

CarryMinati Fans reported that his channel has been hacked and hackers ran a campaign of bitcoin scam, asking carry's fans or subscribers to donate to a particular account.

This is just insane, it's a serious matter and YouTube must look into this matter. A Google product "YouTube" lacks to provide security to there own members.

In early hours of Saturday (25/7/2020) CarryMinati's second channel CarryisLive has been hacked.alert-error

Also, YouTube India replied quicklyalert-success

This is the same case as the twitter accounts, the hacker wants donation and a popup of bitcoin appears.

Live Proof Of The Streamalert-warning

Carry's Fans Reaction

CarryisLive YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel/link/button

Please Tag YouTubeIndia on twitter and help carryminati to get his channel back.
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Finally CarryMinati got his channel back Latest Update!


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Sharing is Caring. Please comment if you like our articles.

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